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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET

VC++ Tutorials / UI Samples

UCanCode Software focuses on general application software development. We provide complete solution for developers. No matter you want to develop a simple database workflow application, or an large flow/diagram based system, our product will provide a complete solution for you. Our product had been used by hundreds of top companies around the world!

Microsoft Visual C++ is a programming environment used to create computer applications for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. To assist it, the Microsoft Foundation Class Library, or MFC, was created as an adaptation of Win32 in MS Visual Studio.

This web site provides lessons and links on how to exploit the MFC library, including its use in MS Visual Studio and its implementation of the C++ programming language.

"100% source code provided! Free you from not daring to use components because of unable to master the key technology of components!"

Below are the list of these VC++ Tutorials Codes:

VC++ Tool: Visual C++ and SQL generator for ODBC Database, with source code sample

VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI Objects

E-XD++ GDI Drawing PolyBezier Example: Drawing Cloud Shape

E-XD++ GDI Drawing Example: Drawing A Clock Shape

VC++ MFC example: Micrsoft Visio 12 like Print Preview Source Code

VC++ MFC Tutorial: Adding Context Help to your application HtmlHelp

VC++ Sample: Convert EMF to WMF using GDI+

VC++ MFC Codes: Display Message Balloon Tip Window with SetWindowRgn and CreateRectRgn and CombineRgn

E-XD++ GDI Drawing Example: Drawing Wave Shape

Get Business Card / Label Print Component C++ Source Codes

E-XD++ GDI VC++ Drawing Example: Draw Animate Line with CBrush

E-XD++ GDI Drawing Example: Drawing ADDL Package Shape

VC++ Articles: Create Thread, CWinThread, AfxBeginThread

VC++ GDI Example: GDI AlphaBlend  and Bitmap Alpha

Add proto - logic diagram displays to your Java, C++, and .NET applications, for the desktop and rich internet applications.

VC++ Example: Retrieving lost passwords using Windows hook and WM_GETTEXT


VC++ Example: Load, Draw Bitmap File, CBitmap, GetBitmap,  BITMAPINFOHEADER

VC++ Example: GetPath, BeginPath, EndPath, True Type Font, Draw Outline of text

VC++ Tool: Printer Settings - Change, Store and Load Printer Setting, Paper Orientation

Create MFC VC++ Static Library, UpdateData and LoadIcon

Visual C++ Example: Load DIB Bitmap File and Save Bitmap file and Convert dib to bitmap and rotate bitmap file

CDialogBar, CBitmapButton in Dialog Bar, SubclassDlgItem and EnableDocking VC++ Example

VC++ Code: Drag and Drop File in Dialog with WM_DROPFILES and WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN

VC++ MFC Source Code: Read, Write and Play GIF89A Gif image file, Example Download

MFC Sample: Changing Bitmaps Color Depth, CBitmap, GetDIBits

MFC Article: Create toolbar with SetButtons and SetButtonInfo and OnNotify

VC++ Sample: Multiple Views layout of RepositionBars and DeferWindowPos with RecalcLayout and UpdateAllViews

Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack: MFC Visual Studio Office 2007 Style Enhancements

E-XD++ GDI Drawing Example: Drawing UML Actor Shape

MFC Example: Rows of CToolBar and CToolBarCtrl, with CalcDynamicLayout, with SetRows CBRS_ALIGN_TOP , CBRS_SIZE_DYNAMIC and FloatControlBar

VC++ Article: Print and Draw Html Document Text, draw like DrawText

GDI+ Example:  Draw Curve ActiveX Control GraphicsPath and Graphics

C# Article: Create, Open, Load, Save, Import, Export, Edit, SVG File Document With C#, SVG .NET Class Library

VC++ Example: Draw or fill Gradient

VC++ Article: Calculate the width of text with GetTextExtentPoint32, DT_CALCRECT and GetCharABCWidths

VC++ Sample:  Screen Capture

VC++ Example: Draw or display Real-time data plot Chart

VC++ Ado Tutorial with VC++ Ado Sample and VC++ Ado Example

VC++ Sample: Address Book

C++ Example: Formula Editor, and mathematical control with Drag Drop, Copy, Cut, Paste, Export to image support.

MFC Source Code: Draw Text with GetCurrentFont, GetTextExtent and GetLogFont and MoveToEx

Create VC++ MFC Chart Control,  Drawing and Priint Bar Chart, Source Codes

VC++ Example: Macintosh-like Progress Control, CProgressCtrl in Dialog

MFC Multiple Page Print preview Article and CPrintPreviewState, it with CPrintPreview and DoPrintPreview, LPDEVMODE and GetPrinterDeviceDefaults

VC++ Example: Rotate a bitmap DIB image File

MFC Sample: CSliderBarCtrl Sample Source Code - RealOne Player Volume Bar Clone

E-XD++ UML Drawing Example: Drawing UML Package Shape

E-XD++ UML Drawing Example: Drawing UML Component Shape

VC++ Example: Convert / Turn bitmap DIB File to a JPEG file

Draw Rotate Text with GetTextExtent and SetTextAlign and ExtTextOut, VC++ Example

MFC Example Multiple monitor support with GetSystemMetrics EnumDisplayMonitors and GetMonitorInfo

MFC Tutorial: Sort CObArray class

VC++ Example: Sizing Control Bar with Tab Control, DockControlBar

VC++ XML Read and Write Article: C++ Source Code  for Creating and Processing XML documents

VC++ MFC Sample Code:  Transparent bitmap splash screen

Create Multiple Language to MFC Extension DLL Toolkit with Resource only

VC++ Article: Opening / Saving multiple types of documents in MFC MDI applications


MFC visualisation software: Create and draw Thumbnail View with CWinApp and CDocTemplate and CMultiDocTemplate

VC++ Tutorial: Custom CListBox - A ListBox with Radio Box, DrawFrameControl, DrawFocusRect

Com Programming: Com Component, ATL Library, Com Interface, QueryInterface Example

VC++ Tool: MFC GDI Plus thumbnail CListCtrl, BMP File, Jpeg file, Gif File, Tiff file

VC++ Example: Draw Emboss text and other Shadow shape on your bitmap

VC++ Article Draw Rotate / slant text strings SetWorldTransform

CAM simulator Sample with VC++ MFC Source Code

VC++ development Sample: Build and Setting Multiple workspaces and project

VC++ GDI Example: Draw an periodic Table shape

VC++ MFC ActiveX Control Article, COM Drag - Drop  Example

MFC Example: Create Multiple Thread with CreateThread and CWinThread and SuspendThread and ResumeThread

VC++ Grid Control Library Source Code Based on CListCtrl

VC++ Example: Using one VC++ extension DLL in another VC++ Extension Dll

MFC Sample: Display or Create Splash Screen, Show Transparent Bitmap with SetWindowRgn

Free VC++ MFC Grid Control with VC++ Source Code

VC++ MFC Example: Adding VBScript and JScript support in your C++ applications

Store and read from XML File with .NET and C# framework, C++/MFC Example

VC++ Example: Control for Load and  View Bitmap file, ScrollBar

VC++ Tool: RTF-to-HTML Converter, Convert Rich Text to HTML Example

VC++ Tool: MFC under the hood, WinMain, VC++ Programmer

C++ Article: Compuware, BoundsChecker, Tracking GDI resource memory leaks

VC++ Demo: Drop down Combo Box in CTreeCtrl and CListCtrl

MFC Source Code: WindowFromPoint and GetDlgItem or ScreenToClient

VC++ Example: Add VBScript and JScript support in VC++ applications with Script ActiveX Control MSSCRIPT.OCX

Using GDI+ with MFC or native C/VC++

OLE DB Sample, Database, Atldbcli.h,CoInitialize, MoveNext Visual C++ Example

VC++ Sample: Free C++ Twain Source Code

Draw or Paint Spline Curve Line with VC++ Source Code

MFC GDI+ Sample: gdiplus.lib with GdiplusStartupInput and GdiplusStartup with GdiplusShutdown

VC++ Article: Skin based slider control, CSliderCtrl

Add Phthon in or into C++ Application with Visual C++ Article or Tutorial Source Code

E-XD++ GDI VC++ Drawing Example: Drawing Pie Progress Control Shape

VC++ Article: Create 2d graphics editor, AutoCAD, like Toolbar

VC++ Example: ODBC Database SQL DSN- A class to dynamically read data from any ODBC data source

VC++ MFC Tutorial: CListCtrl, InsertItem, Using List Control, SetImageList, Article with source code.

VC++ MFC Example: Create or show Progress Bar/Edit Control/Combobox Control/icon in a status bar

VC++ MFC Tutorial: Unicode, MBCS and Generic text mappings

VC++ Example: Display GIF-animatE using GDI+ with BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, EMF, WMF, DrawImage

VC++ Example and Article: Drawing Double Buffering With GDI+

VC++ Article: Create Cursor, Display cursor, Convert bitmap to cursor, CreateIconIndirect, DeleteDC, SelectObject, ICONINFO

VC++ MFC Example: Place Combo Box, Edit Box, Progress Control, Check Box on toolbar, CComboBox, CEdit, CCheckBox

VC++ Example: Write, Create AVI Files

Visual C++ Addin: CFileDialog AddIn, Download Example

VC++ Codes: Draw text along line and draw rotate text

VC++ Example Capture Print Screen to Clipboard including dropdown menu, SetWindowsHookEx and UnhookWindowsHookEx, with RegisterWindowMessage

VC++ MFC Example: Read / Write, Load / Save, Registry access to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER

VC++ Code: Change the font of window with SetFont and EnumChildWindows and CreateIconFromResource

MFC Library Article: Create Database with SQL Server and ADO Stored Procedures

MFC Library: Drawing Spline application with OpenGL with sample Source Code

VC++ Example: CComboBoxEx with History, ComboBox, CComboBox to history!

MFC Sample: Add status bar to an MFC dialog, CStatusBar

VC++ MFC Example: Sharing file folders using tree control drag & drop

VC++ Example Source: 2D Chart and 3D Plot Print Chart Control

VC++ Article: UnrealizeObject and SetBrushOrg or GetSystemMetrics with Pattern Brush

VC++ Example: CString Extension, Get Window Directory

Converter Convert RTF to HTML with VC++ Source Codes, and RICHED32.DLL

VC++ MFC Example:  CTreeCtrl, Create Tree Control

VC++ Sample: ExtSelectClipRgn or IntersectClipRect, ExcludeClipRect and OffsetClipRgn or GetMetaRgn with InvalidateRect

VC++ Sample: Create Shadow of bitmap, draw shadow with GDI, TransparentBlt, SetBitmapBits and GetBitmapBits or GetRValue, GetGValue and GetBValue

COleDateTime, Get first day of week, COleDateTimeSpan, VC++ Example

VC++ Article: Converting Wav file to MP3 or other format using DirectShow with source code

VC++ Sample: Quick Sort for CStringArray

VC++ Example: splitter control in dialog UpdateWindow GetWindowRect GetDlgItem

VC++ Codes: GetRandomRgn  or MapWindowPoints or OffsetRgn, GetDCEx with GetClipBox, GetClipRgn and SelectClipRgn

MFC Sample Code: Load and Display PNG Image File

VC++ Article: Draw Image Background and CScrollView text with bitmap brush and PreCreateWindow

UML Diagram Component / Drawing C++ Source Code Solution from ucancode, it will save you 50% - 80% time for building any UML based application.

VC++ Article: Color components, RGB Component, HSL Component Source Code, editor control

Visual C++ XML Article, Load Parse and save XML Document with MSXML Library

VC++ Example: Write HTML File (Table)

VC++ Article: Tile, center and stretch a bitmap as your MFC dialog background

MFC Example: CreateFile and WriteFile with save memory dc to bitmap file

GDI Example: Add and Draw US flag with E-XD++, five star shape

VC++ Programming: Docking Toolbars and CControlBar, Side-By-Side, EnableDocking

VC++ Example:  HRGN, SetWindowPos, SetWindowRgn, Create Region from bitmap file

VC++ Example: Change the background color of a dialog, CDialog, OnCtlColor

MFC Article: XP Style CBitmapButton

VC++ Article: Insert a bitmap file - HBITMAP into a Rich Edit Control, use COleDataSource, CF_BITMAP, and STGMEDIUM

VC++ Article: create or change the skin, shape, image of dialogs, SetWindowLong

VC++ Controls: The Tree Control, CTreeCtrl Example

Date-Time Edit Control A simple mucancode.neted date-time editor. VC++ Article Source Code and GetWindowText

VC++ Example: Drawing an Arrow Line with Source Code

Day, week, month calendar control with vc++ source code,MS OutLook Look

VC++ Article: Create menus with Unicode, ModifyMenu, GetSubMenu

C# Example: Free Draw .NET GDI+ Gauge Control with Source Code

VC++ Article: CSplitterWnd Extension that Allows Create Multiple Views, and Switch Views in Any Pane

_TrackMouseEvent, GetWindow, GetWindowRect, SubclassWindow, GetWindowLong, SetWindowLong, Drawing, VC++, source code

VC++ .NET Tutorial Programming: Using GDI+ Brushes to Draw Text

VC++ MFC Tutorial:  C / C++ Tree Class

VC++ MFC Tutorial: Extend CStringArray and CString

VC++ .NET Programming, Writing a Wrapper for COM Components

VC++ Tutorial: Using DirectX, DirectDraw in MFC, Article, Example Codes

VC++ Game Sample Source Code, Wave File Play, Midi file play, DirectX

VC++ Example: Sort CObList class

VC++ Example: CListBox - A list box with Icons, AddString, InsertString, with Image Item

VC++ Tips: Auto-complete edit control

VC++ MFC DIBLOOK Advance Sample, with file open dialog preview

MFC Example: Export dialogs in MFC Extension DLLs

Globals in MFC Class Framework, CWinApp

VC++ MFC Project Setting, Unicode, MBCS,_MBCS or _UNICODE, wWinMainCRTStartup

VC++ MFC Example: Add bitmap into CImageList

VC++ Example: Classes to Record, Play, and Save WAV File to disk

VC++ FAQ: Place a bitmap image on the clipboard

VC++ Source Code Tool: Project number Line code Counter Statistical

C++ Article STL Iterator and the VC++ MFC Iterator

VC++ MFC Example: Create MFC Extension DLL, COM  and ATL, dllimport, dllexport, AFX_EXT_CLASS

Printing Preview toolbar, MFC Example

OpenGL Tutorial:  Printing and Print Preview with VC++ Example

Free VC++ Example: Free Properties Grid Control , Source Code Download

VC++ Example: Listbox In-place Editing, CListBox, Text Input

VC++ MFC Example: Clipboard on CF_DIB, CF_METAFILEPICT, OpenClipboard, GetClipboardData, CloseClipboard

VC++ Tutorial: Drag, Drop, COleDataSource, CSharedFile, RegisterClipboardFormat

VC++ MFC Sample: Magnifying Glass - demonstrates different ways to obtain or create proper DC and use BitBlt - StretchBlt functions

VC++ Example: CFormView, Replace a view in SDI Application, LoadLibrary, GetProcAddress, GetActiveView, AfxGetMainWnd, SetWindowLong

VC++ Example: CToolBar, ToolBar Customization, Saving, Restoring and Drag and Drop

VC++ Article: CTreeCtrl, OLE Drag and Drop Copy between Tree controls

VC++ MFC Example: Draw 2D Bar Chart, Draw 2D Pie Chart, Create Line Chart

VC++ Tutorial /Database Print

VC++ MFC Thread Tutorial: _beginthreadex, WaitForSingleObject, pausing, resuming, and stopping threads

VC++ MFC Tutorial: ActiveX Control Example

VC++ MFC Tutorial: Auto Save files, CDocument - CView

VC++ MFC Tutorial: Undo Redo Source Code

VC++ MFC Example: Multiple Document / Views, CObList

C++ and VC++ Code Generator Tool, Free UML Class Diagram Drawing Tool

E-XD++ UML Drawing FlowChart Example: Drawing UML Note Shape

Visual C++/MFC Tutorial - Lesson 1: Behind the Scenes with Handles and Post Messages

Customized Printing Dialog using PrintDlg

VC++ MFC Tutorial: Create MFC Extension Dll, Export MFC Classes

VC++ Article: CListCtrl, CListView to displaying jpeg image thumbnails with PaintLib

Visual C++ Tutorial: Visual C++ Debug / VC++ Debug / MFC Debug

MFC Tutorial: MFC Printing

Runtime class information using CRuntimeClass in MFC

Unicode Programming in MFC

GDI+ Examples: Drawing Column Chart

VC++ Example:  Store Bitmaps into an Array, CBitmap, CreateBitmapIndirect

C/C++ Drawing BarCode Tutorials

GDI Example: Transparent Bitmap - True Method

GDI+ Example: Using GDI+ Brushes to Draw Text

VC++ Article: Print ListCtrl on multiple pages, CListCtrl, CListView

Visual C# Samples: Scribble Sample - Visual C# MDI Drawing

MFC Example: Print Preview in MFC - Dialog

VC++ Example:  A few skin library with source codes

MFC Example: Using MFC For Drag '& Drop, Cut, Copy, and Paste

Visual C++ MFC Tutorials: CZoomView / A class that provides "zoom" feature

Visual C++ Examples: A fully customizable Property Grid, Grid Control, Property Window, Property Control with VC++ source codes.

MFC Examples: MFC Solution to Explanding the CFileDialog Common Dialog

MFC GDI Tutorials: GDI Printing, GDI+ Printing

Send Email using MAPI - A COM  Email DLL Component, VC++ Example With Source Code

ActiveX Control Tutorial, COleControl

VC++ Tutorials: Visual C++ DLL: How to build a resource-only DLL?

VC++ Debug Trace, Memory Check, Assert Article, DebugOutputString CMemoryState A C++ Projects

Visual c++ character sets, Unicode, _MBCS

MFC Topics: CTreeCtrl, CListCtrl, SetItemData, GetItemData, InsertItem

MFC Programming: MFC Tab Control, CTabCtrl

Visual C++ Example: Multiple CRectTracker Drawing

Visual C++ Example: Transparent MFC CSliderCtrl Source Code

Visual C++ Example: MFC Bitmap Button Source Code (CButton)

Visual C++ CComboBox: Auto-complete ComboBox

Visual C++ / VC++ MFC Printing Class Library

VC++ Articles: Create Thread, CWinThread, AfxBeginThread

Cool office XP Style Menu, Icon Menu and Bitmap Menu, CMenu

Visual C++ Example: How to swap two items of  CListView, GetItem, GetItemState

Cool MFC Font Combo Box with source codes (CComboBox)

MFC GUI Framework: inside Atl & dll server

Visual C++ Example: MFC XML Serialize

Visual C++ Example: DXF File Drawing, load, write

VC++ MFC Example: A Slider Control, CSliderCtrl

MFC Example: CListBox with Image Item, CCheckListBox

GDI+ Examples: GDI+ Line/Curve Drawing and Hit Test CObject and CObArray

CDC Examples: Drawing vertical text

Visual C++ Drawing Example: Anti-Alias C++ Drawing

Free VC++ Tool: Convert C++ Code file to HTML

MFC CListCtrl: Print the contents of the list control

MFC SetTimer: WM_TIMER with VC++ Sample Source Code

VC++ Example: Quick Draw Image Stretching Technique, StretchBlt Dib

VC++ Example: OnPreparePrinting and OnBeginPrinting and OnEndPrinting, Plug-in class to support printing from a listview

MFC VC++ Topics: Getting the location of a printer device

MFC VC++ Topics: Print a bitmap full page

VC++ Example: Com Programming

VC++ Example: Creating a CTabCtrl Application

C++ Example: Geometry Concepts Line Intersection and its Applications

VC++ Tutorial: High quality image rotation (rotate by shear)

MFC Example: CFile and Creating a File, Open, Write, CFile::modeCreate, CFile:: modeReadWrite

MFC Example: CStdioFile-derived class for multibyte and Unicode reading and writing

VC++ MFC Example: Paint and draw source code, CClientDC

VC++ MFC Tutorial: A simple intorduction to using the MFC collections CArray, CList and CMap, Free Source Code Download

VC++ MFC Tutorial: Free Drawing Printing ActiveX Control that use GDI+

Visual Studio .NET 2003 Tutorial - Using Visual Studio .Net 2003, Building C++ .Net Application

VC++ Single Instance Window, CreateWindow, CWinApp, SetWindowPos, SetFocus

VC++ MFC Example: The CPageSetupDialog Class

VC++ MFC Tutorial: The CPrintDialog Class

VC++ MFC Example: Extend draw text with ExtTextOut

VC++ Sample Code: CFindReplaceDialog, CFrameWnd

Drawing Tutorial for Visual C++ 2005

VC++ MFC Sample: CreateDIBSection, BITMAPINFOHEADER, CreateCompatibleDC, BITMAPINFO

VC++ MFC Tutorial: Property Pages for ActiveX Controls, COlePropertyPage, GetIDispatch

VC++ Example:  RegisterWindowMessage, WM_USER, ON_NOTIFY 

VC++ MFC Example: CButton, Button Contrl with 3D Text Drawing

VC++ MFC Example: Icon Select Combo Box, CComboBox

VC++ MFC Tutorial: Print the contents of the list View control, CListCtrl, Custom Draw

VC++ Sample:  MP3 Player with C++ Source Code, Play MP3 File

VC++ Sample:  Outlookbar-style menu  control interface with source code download.

VC++ Tutorial: Drag and Drop Draw with Mouse by Using SetCapture, ReleaseCapture, TrackMouseEvent

MFC Sample Code: CList Iterator

VC++ Example: How to print an ActiveX MSChart Report Chart control Component, Source Code

VC++ Example: Free ActiveX Grid Control (Written with MFC Source Code)

Introduction to GDI+ in .NET

GDI+ Font, Brush and Bitmap

GDI+ GraphicsPath and LinearGradientBrush

GDI+ Printing.

GDI+ and DrawArc and DrawPath

GDI+ Color and ARGB with Example

Full Screen with CWnd and Diagram Like Microsoft Visio 2007

VC++ Example: ToolBar with ComboBox, add CComboBox to CToolBar



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