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Delete files from project

Product Information:

VC++ 6.0, VC++ 2003, VC++ 2005

You can delete files, folders or output files from DocVizor projects. In addition to removing unnecessary files, this allows you to reorganize your projects.

  • Activate the desired project view.
  • Select the file, folder or output files you wish to delete.
  • Click right button of the mouse.
  • Select the "remove" Sub menu.
  • When deleting files, DocVizor does not present a Confirm dialog, nor provide an undo option. If you delete a file accidentally, simply "Add File" the deleted file(s) to the project.

NOTE: You cannot remove individual classes from a project. Instead, you must delete the file that contains the class you wish to remove.

NOTE: DocBuiler updates the classview automatically when a project file is deleted.

NOTE: When you delete a folder, the folder and its contents are removed from the project.

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