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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET

Product Information:

XD++ MFC Library Professional Edition V8.20 Released!

XD++ MFC Library Standard Edition V8.0 Released!

UCCDraw ActiveX Control V8.20 Released!

Visual DocVizor V4.0 Released!

New features of E-XD++ V9.80:

1. New database solution is ready now, you can visit at here.

2. Sub-graph now supported, you can find at here.

3. Mind-map solution is ready now, you can find at here.

4. New style Visio Like link line is supported, as below:

5. New round-corner link line is supported now, this round-corner feature supports GDI and GDI+:

6. The following new shapes added to this new release.

7. The following new shapes also added to this new release.

8. New style free bezier line is supported, as below:

9. New style dash line is supported, as below:

10. More fast drawing with canvas.

11. We had redesigned the link drawing and saving, now it works more fine.

12. Printing with multiple models.


E-XD++ Visualization ToolKit Enterprise Edition V9.50 is released!

Newly  or Fixed features

1.Recreate all the documents of UCCDraw Control.

2.New samples CustomDraw and CustomFill had been added.

3.A few new features had been added within EFormDesigner and EFormReader applications.

4.A new Edit control shape with Calculator picker. See class CFOPCalculatorCtrl and also see sample EFormDesigner.

5.A new image picker is also added, see sample EFormDesigner, when you double click on it, you can choose a image for showing.

6.A new font cache class is added for high speed drawing.

7.Tons of other methods had been changed to make it works more quickly.

8.Over one hundred new methods had been added to UCCDraw ActiveX Control Project.

9.We had also updated the UCCDraw's Samples to make it works more nice.

10.Mark point feature is improved to make it works more like coredraw.


XD++ MFC Library 2004 Third New Release!

1998-2004 UCanCode Software. All rights reserved.

Other product and company names herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

UCanCode Software XD++ MFC Library Release Notes includes updated information for the documentation provided with UCanCode Software XD++ MFC Library.  The information in this document is more up-to-date than the information in the Help system.

Newly  or Fixed features

1.Recreate all the documents, this include the user's guide and the XD++ Class Reference.

2.Recomment most of the methods and variables of XD++ MFC Library's source code.

3.Fix the font showing problems of the samples that ships with XD++ MFC Library.

4.Fix the problems to create the copy of the datamodel, now you can create a copy with any data model, such as CFODataModel,and CFOMultiPageModel, etc, see sample VisioApp.

5.Fix the problems when create link between two ports, now the red hotspot showing correctly.

6.Adding new drag and drop feature, now you can drag the shapes on the canvas and drop them on the page of toolbox window. you can also drag and drop shapes between two canvas, you can also drag and drop shapes to Microsoft Visio 2003,or Microsoft Word etc.

7.Adding new feature that support showing the small icon of the shapes that dragged from the canvas or pasted from the canvas.

8.Adding support for creating A2 printer paper kind of page.

9.Adding new Date Picker shape.

10.Adding new Drop Menu Shape.

11.Adding new Tab Order design mode,you can now create tab order for all the shapes on the canvas,and when it with running mode,you can click the return or tab key to switch between them.

12.Fix the problem when rotating the shape.

13.Adding new feature that support change the toolbox items postion of toolbox page by draging and drop.

14. Fix the bug when creating custom shape within the second datamodel of multiple pages application.

15.Fix a few bugs of ClassWizard and AppWizard application.

16.Adding new feature that you can now create link by holding mouse on one port and moving mouse and release the mouse key on another port.

17.New protect tab order property feature added within the Protect dialog.

18.Adding new feature that support continue drawing shape,such as you select the drawing line shape tool, you can drawing as many lines as you want one time until you click the right mouse to cancel the drawing.

19.Adding code for radio shape, it support drawing horz radio buttons now.

20.Fix the problem of drawing icon on the canvas.

.. ...

 XD++ Library Version 5.41. Released 4/24/2003

Newly Added Function

>>> Welcome to XD++ Library 3.81 <<<
XD++ Library 3.81 picks up where XD++ Library 3.80 left off and provides some great new features. We've incorporated much of the user feedback from 3.80 and 3.50 and have worked to make the library even more solid and robust.

>>> New features in 3.81 <<<

* Improved support for Duplicating page
* Lock and unlock component support
* More new components support
* Add new functions for renaming page
* Rewrite all documents(include userguide and class reference)
* Add full notes for code
* Rebuild all samples
* Add new hyperlink component
* Support for exporting model to a image file.

>>> Bug fixes in 3.81 <<<

* Corrected a few problems with Pages and components.

XD++ Library Version 3.8. Released 1/21/2002

Newly Added Function

  • Add 23 new components

  • Add one hyperlink component and customized properties

  • Support grouping and ungrouping the components

  • Support rotating and flip the components

  • Support edit the points of the component

  • Support .wmf file of inserted picture

  • Add a choice of design/run pattern

  • Add filling the component with  texture and gradient.

  • Have Office XP style when selecting the component

  • support Zoom In, Zoom Out and Normal mode

XD++ Library Version 3.5. Released 1/7/2002

New features:

1.Many components are added in new version: line, curve, polygon ,close curve and so on. To use them you only need to call the ID values of the toolbox to realize them.

2.There is a new function of minute movement ,which makes moving components a tiny movement in position feasible .Such movement may be one or five pels (when shift pressed).

3.Another new function in new version is component linking .To use this make links of components.

4.New-added ToolBox lists all components current system needs to use ,what's more ,you can add new component icons and change the values of icons so as to associate them with components realized.

5.New version has added more than 40 arrows, which may automatically associate with lines ,curves or links.

6.New version has added popup color select page, popup line style page ,popup arrows adding page and all-new color custom dialog etc.

7.There is a new Header and Footer Dialog to set header and footer of a page when printing, just like Visio.

8.There is a new display mode (none Form), you can use it to customize all kinds of float diagram systems.

9.There is a new page print setting function and new system can recognize many more printers and printing mode.


1.Printing has been improved ,you can normally print all your pages.

2.Commands are improved and more friendly.

3.Property Setting Dialog has been changed and improved to four kinds of Dialogs: Text, Line, Fill and Custom.

4.A improved popup menu when right mouse button clicked .

5.We have recomposed XD++ User's Guide and Class Library Guide to keep with XD++ 3.5.

6.Newly-improved ClassWizard, and you can derive a class from class CFOSubFormModel.

7.New demo programs with features of XD++ 3.5.

8.New version has a new installation, more rapid and easy.


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Copyright ?1998-2022 UCanCode.Net Software , all rights reserved.
Other product and company names herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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